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While you are between the ages of eleven and forty your progressed Sun moves through Aries.

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This influence suggests that you gradually develop your confidence and assertiveness, with a desire to be more active and adventurous. This is a good time to take the initiative and learn to be more straightforward. After the age of forty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Taurus, you enter a new phase. This emphasizes an increased need to be solidly established and financially secure as well as to be nourished by beauty and nature.

The Ascendant's Cusp

At the age of seventy-one your progressed Sun moves into Gemini, emphasizing communication and desire for new interests. By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you. Naturally dramatic and sociable, you usually appear self-assured.

Born On Cusp Of Two Zodiac Signs And Dates | Tarot Life Blog

If on an inner level you lack the self-confidence to strike out on your own, however, you may end up in situations that do not utilize your full capabilities and talents. Although you usually have a wide range of interests, by focusing on one particular idea or project you are more able to fully express your strong creativity.

Bright and adaptable, you have a quick understanding of people. This insight helps you to achieve in life and ensures your success in social situations. Generous and understanding, you often attempt to keep the peace by using your diplomacy and natural charm.

Although friendly, you do not reveal all of yourself to others and often need periods of being alone to reflect and find your center of stillness. Developing your strong intuition allows you to have faith in your own abilities and avoid worry and indecision.

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People-related occupations are likely to bring you the most satisfaction. Your natural psychological skills could also prove helpful in sales, advertising, or counseling work.

Office Employees and Co-Workers by Sign

Although you can collaborate and work well in a team situation, you usually do not like to take orders from others. This suggests that you are better in a leadership position or working for yourself. Your natural dramatic sense and strong imagination may find release through music, art, dance, or drama.

Writing can prove to be an equally positive outlet for the creative side of your nature. Sympathetic and intuitive, you could be attracted to the caring professions.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

As you usually love travel, you may also become involved in businesses that deal with foreign countries. Others will appreciate your ability to bring new and original ideas to your work. Like those with a number 1 birthday, you are ambitious and independent. Although you may have to overcome challenges before you achieve your goals, with determination you often accomplish your objectives. At times like this, Pisces would be wise to take time for themselves, the better to find their center once again. Many Pisces also immerse themselves in the arts and other creative pursuits as a centering mechanism, and they are quite talented in these areas.

Those of the Pisces horoscope sign alternate between reality and non-reality in keeping with their introspective natures; their voyage between consciousness and an unconscious dream state says much about their intuitive, almost psychic natures. For this reason, Pisces can be hard to pin down, prompting some to call them the chameleons of the zodiac. Pisces traits are compassion and charitability, and this star sign will quickly put the needs of others ahead of their own. The flipside to their giving nature is that the oft-timid Fish are likely to be taken advantage of by less well-meaning souls.

Are you a Pisces man or a Pisces woman? They can also be quite romantic, dreaming up delicious treats for their lover. Pisces are generally gentle, easy-going folk, who are on the shy and reticent side.

Born on the Pisces-Aries Cusp

They are modest to the point of impracticality, often stepping up only to show their talents in painting or music. Easiest for the Fish and still great fun is living in their lush dream world. More relaxation for the Fish comes in the way of sports, specifically water sports.

Once their mind is at ease, the Fish should focus on their feet, a frequent source of discomfort. Soothing comfort comes in a world colored in purple and soft white. When it comes to the game of love, Pisces are caring and romantic and a most creative mate. Find out more about the Pisces zodiac sign love compatibility.

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  6. The great strength of the Pisces-born is their compassionate and charitable nature. These folks love to help others and do so in the most imaginative of ways.